Artificial Economics

Organization rules for the
Artificial Economics conferences serie

Composition of the Steering Committee (4 people).

The last 3 presidents and the president of the Scientific Committee of the current AE conference are the members of the Steering Committee. These 4 members guarantee the continuity and the format of the conference. Every year, the member having 4 years of activity in the Steering Committee is replaced by the new President of the Scientific Committee.

New Programme Committee (Scientific Committee).

After having named the new president of the Scientific Committee, the previous Scientific Committee is dissolved. The new president of the Scientific Committee, in agreement with the members of the Steering Committee have to constitute his own Programme Committee.

The heterogenous composition of Scientific Committee must be preserved.

The Computer Science community and the Economics and Finance community, must be present in equal proportions in the Scientific Committee. If it appears that it is not possible to do so in a particular occasion, all efforts to achieve this goal have to be maintained in the future.

The name of the conference must not change.

Except contrary opinion of the Steering Comittee the conference serie must continue to be named "Artificial Economics".

The conference duration must not change.

Except contrary opinion of the Steering Comittee the conference must last 2 days.

Paper selection process and referees.

Each paper must be refered by at least 3 referees in a doule blind process. Referees must be choosen in the Scientific Committee. Each paper must be refered by at least 3 referees. All the selection process must be as transparent as possible to every Scientific Committee members.


AE proceedings must be edited in the Springer Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems (LNEMS) collection if possible or, if it appears to be impossible, in a collection of the same level. They must be delivered at the beginning of the conference to all registered participants.

Global registration fees.

To avoid inflation of prices, registration fees must give right to 3 meals and the proceedings of the conference. Ideally, they would have to remain at the level of 200 euros for the participants (300 euros for late registration). Hotel nigths are not included in this price.

One session.

The conference must not have parallel sessions but only one plenary session in order to avoid nearly empty rooms. The conference is divided by semantic themes with a chair for all of them. The chair of a theme must not be one of the speaker in this theme.

Organization location.

Preferably, the conference should be hosted in a new European country each year (France, Denmark, Italy, Spain, etc.)


The organization rules of AE can evolve under the proposition of one member of the Steering committee at least, and the approbation of the majority of the members of this Committee.

Pr Philippe MATHIEU