Artificial Economics

The Artificial Economics conference series is a serie of symposia on Agent-based approaches of Economics and Finance.

It has been created by Pr Philippe Mathieu, Pr Olivier Brandouy and Dr Bruno Beaufils in September 2005, at the University Lille 1 (Sciences and Technologies), France.

One of the aim of these conferences is to favor the meeting of people and ideas of two communities of scientist (from computer science and economics) in order to be able to construct a much structured multi-disciplinary approach.

Proceedings of each following conference of the series have been published as a volume in the Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems Springer serie:

Organizing rules of the conference are available online.

The steering commitee of the conference is made by the last 3 presidents and the president of the current Scientific Committee, which are :

LNEMS 564 cover LNEMS 584 cover LNEMS 599 cover LNEMS 614 cover LNEMS 631 cover LNEMS 645 cover LNEMS 652 cover LNEMS 662 cover LNEMS 669 cover LNEMS 676 cover